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Maximus Cainus

Max is tough but humble at the same time. Great dog this one.

Sis and Me

Thinking of my sister Danise again as 2010 winds to a close. Glad I took the time several years ago to digitize some snapshots from our youth. This was taken in June of 1968 on our first trip to the Grand Canyon. I believe we were living in Scottsdale at the time but I could […]

Interesting Venn Diagram

Saw this on Daring Fireball today. People Who Touch Your Junk

Obama is an Idiot!

Today it was revealed that Obama is “looking” into using Instant Replay in baseball in the United States. Doesn’t this clown have more important things to do? Not surprising though is that the “mainstream” media outlets have totally ignored this idiotic moron’s use of the US Presidency.


This article on the left wing news rag of the Obama administration, ABC News reported that a “distinguished black scholar” played the race card by shouting at police who were responding to a caller’s 911 emergency call stating there was a black man trying to break down the front door of a neighbor’s house. This […]

Green Zone

The United States is keeping its promise to return control of Iraq to the the citizens of Iraq as evidenced by this article from the Associated Press. I’m encouraged by these small, incremental waypoints that the U.S. continues to deliver to show a clear path to bringing our soldiers out of Iraq. The war on […]


Well, another four years have passed and it is now up to us, again, to select a leader. I was certainly much more excited about the 2004 election than I am now. McCain has not run an effective campaign in my opinion and as much as I hate to admit it, I’d be really surprised […]

New Blogging Software

I’m trying out some new blogging software called Mars Edit, by Red Sweater Software. Instead of using the WordPress Web interface that is most of the time clunky and slow, this program is local to my Mac and it provides a really simple, yet powerful interface for creating blog posts. Time will tell if it […]